Robin O'Bannon​​
different kind of  life coach, retired veteran and REAL leading lady! 


Robin O’Bannon, is a recovering Life Coach, veteran entrepreneur and founder of The Real Leading Ladies of America, a subsidiary of WOC LLC.

Robin served in the United States Air Force from 1987 to 2005, retiring as a decorated, service disabled Gulf War Veteran.  Robin has received two Associates degrees and an Occupational Instructor Certification from the Community College of the Air Force, a BBA in Training and Leadership and an MBA in Training and Development.

She has served her church by being active in the young women’s program and Public Affairs Council.  She currently serves as first counselor in her congregation’s women’s group.  She has served her community as both a Maricopa County Republican Precinct Committeeman, Arizona State Committeeman, as a mediator for public political debate and spoken before the Arizona House of Representatives on issues regarding the Affordable Care Act.  She is a member of and curriculum writer for The American Unification Movement (TAUM) dedicated to the cause of restoring the 14th Amendment to its original intent and purpose and healing the race wound in America.

Robin lives in Arizona with her two sons.


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